Ricochet Social Club


A different club for a different winery

Ricochet Social Club

Most wine clubs offer the same thing: cases shipped to your door twice a year. No real VIP status. At Ricochet, we want to empower our supporters, as our success hinges on their satisfaction. We also want our supporters to feel connected to Ricochet’s simple mission: Make great wine that centers around community. Thus, The Ricochet Social Club. It’s a community. Allow us to introduce our brand new wine club!

Here's How it's Different:

Much like a bargain-box-store membership, or a gym initiation fee, you pay to enter the club. By paying a membership fee, you grant yourself steep discounts across the board for a full year. You don’t need to wait for the “Fall Release.” Though we’ll be happy to recommend one, you buy what you want when you want it.

Question: What do I get at the Premier level? At the Premier level, you will enjoy access to the owner and winemaker, Erich Berg. You’ll be invited to private tastings and events—virtual and in person; be granted tours and tastings with Erich, for up to 8 people; pre-release and futures offerings; and free shipping.

Both membership levels will initially be limited to 100 Members total, due to our small production.

Membership Options

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premier level

$129 / Year


basic level

$79 / year

“Ricochet Social Club will initially be limited to 100 Members, due to our small production. Join today!”