This is not your grandparent's wine club. This is Your wine club.

By joining the Ricochet Social Club, you become a member in a select group.  Memberships are limited; only the most fervent Ricochet fans get access to small-batch, low-interventionist, community-oriented wine.  

The Social Club is all about choice, and access.  Club members will receive two shipments—one in the Spring, and one in the Fall—at a discount.  That seems normal.  But Club Members can also modify their Club releases to meet their tastes:  Don’t like white wine?  Swap them out for reds. Want six bottles of “Le Ressort” Pet-Nat?  You got it.  Releases aren’t a fixed price: You simply commit to 6- or 12-bottle selections.  So, while we would love for you to sample the Club release as planned, we also honor your preferences. Oh, and Club releases come with FREE SHIPPING.  

But wait! there's more...

Social Club members get a deeper discount for additional purchases, and a $25 flat shipping rate. Because, if you love Ricochet, we want to reciprocate the love.   

Ricochet Social Club Members will also have access to single-barrel Club wines, blending classes, invitations to experience harvest and bottling runs, wine dinners, and one-on-one VIP access to the winemaker. 

Don’t just sign up for an ordinary wine club.  Join the Ricochet Social Club, today! YOU

Membership Benefits

[ 1 ]

Wine Discounts

Savings on Ricochet Social Club allocations & additional bottle purchases. 

[ 2 ]

Fully Customizable

Allocations are released each Spring and Fall. You choose the wine you want to receive.

[ 3 ]

Exclusive Events & Access

Fun Members-Only events, VIP opportunities to participate in winemaking with Erich, plus pre-release access to special, limited release wines and future

[ 4 ]

Complimentary Tastings

FREE personal tours and tastings for up to 6 people with the Winemaker by appointment.

[ 5 ]

Shipping Perks

Free UPS Ground Shipping on Club Allocations. $25 Flat Rate Shipping on additional 6 bottle+ purchases.

[ 6 ]


$25 Ricochet Store Credit for referring friends to The Social Club.

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“Ricochet Social Club will initially be limited to 100 Members, due to our small production. Join today!”